Bigstore Secures Undisclosed Pre-Seed Funding to Revolutionize Online Shopping in Africa

Bigstore Secures Undisclosed Pre-Seed Funding to Revolutionize Online Shopping in Africa

NAIROBI, OCTOBER 25, 2023 – Bigstore, an innovative eCommerce startup with a mission to transform the online shopping landscape in Africa, is excited to announce the successful completion of an undisclosed pre-seed funding round. This achievement sets the stage for Bigstore to launch a unique and groundbreaking marketplace, often compared to the “Uber Eats” for non-food products.

Bigstore’s vision is to redefine the way Africans shop online by offering a seamless and convenient platform that connects customers with trusted stores, all from the comfort of their homes via the Bigstore website and mobile apps. By leveraging state-of-the-art location-based technology and a deep understanding of consumer shopping preferences, Bigstore aims to revolutionize the eCommerce sector in Africa. What sets Bigstore apart is its commitment to customer choices, allowing users to select their preferred store when making purchases. Once an order is placed, it is efficiently routed directly to the chosen merchant for fulfillment, eliminating the common challenges associated with online shopping. Furthermore, Bigstore ensures the quality and authenticity of listed products by carefully vetting all its merchants.

This significant pre-seed funding round was led by prominent high networth individuals, and venture capital firms from Africa and the USA, highlighting the untapped potential of eCommerce in the African market. The capital raised will primarily be used to enhance the platform’s infrastructure, optimise the user experience, and expand the company’s merchant and customer base.

Similar to the popular food delivery service Uber Eats, Bigstore’s marketplace conveniently connects customers with a diverse range of merchants and sellers offering products across various categories. The platform aims to provide customers a comprehensive online shopping solution, enabling them to shop for electronics, home appliances, fashion, groceries, medicines, supermarkets, liquor, beauty, and wellness products.

A critical factor in Bigstore’s success lies in its unique customer experience, which allows customers the freedom to choose their preferred merchant. The platform streamlines the entire shopping process, from selecting a merchant to browsing products, completing payments, and arranging deliveries. This ensures a user-friendly interface and an online shopping experience that is not only hassle-free but also enjoyable.

Ronnie Aloyo, the Chief Marketing Officer at Bigstore, expressed his excitement about the company’s future prospects following the successful funding round. He emphasized Bigstore’s unwavering commitment to restoring customer trust in online purchases across Africa and highlighted the pivotal role that the funds will play in achieving this mission.

The pre-seed investment will empower Bigstore to forge strategic partnerships with retailers, expand its product catalog, and invest in marketing initiatives to attract a diverse customer base. With ambitious expansion plans in motion, the company aspires to become a market leader in the rapidly evolving eCommerce landscape in Africa.

In conclusion, Bigstore’s recent achievement in securing pre-seed funding marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey. By combining cutting-edge technology with a customer-centric approach, Bigstore is poised to redefine the online shopping experience and reshape the eCommerce industry in Africa and beyond.

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About Bigstore: is an innovative eCommerce startup that allows customers to conveniently buy anything they want from any merchant they want using the Bigstore website or mobile app. Through the Bigstore platform, customers can choose from a wide range of merchants, stores, categories, and products. Customers can browse, compare prices, and make purchases from any merchant they want without the need to visit each store’s website or physical location. Users can also track their orders in real time, reducing the uncertainties of making orders online using other eCommerce platforms.

By adopting the marketplace model, Bigstore also empowers merchants and retailers to expand their reach, sell more products, and grow their businesses beyond their physical locations, promoting economic growth and empowerment. With Bigstore, retailers and merchants receive orders directly and fulfill them directly to customers, helping boost their revenues and generate more sales.

Bigstore vets all its merchants to ensure that customers can only buy quality and authentic products from vetted and verified merchants.



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